Solis Women's Health Picks Fuji CR for Mammography

January 28, 2008 (Fuji News)

Solis Women’s Health decided to implement Fujifilm’s Computed Radiography for Mammography (FCRm) system in its eight Dallas-Fort Worth area breast imaging centers in 2006. The project provides an example of how CR mammography can fit into a large, distributed private practice environment.

“We adhere to the hub-and-spoke concept to extend our geographic reach,” says Gerald R. Kolb, JD, the organization’s chief knowledge officer. “We will have comprehensive breast centers, as well as mammography-only centers.”

Solis first implemented Fuji’s FCRm system at its Denton, Tex., site. “We started there because it was a new facility with no existing mammography technology, so it provided us an opportunity to equip a new site with digital technology,” says Kolb.

Solis’ decision to go digital was motivated by several factors; first and foremost, the time had come for such a move. “Many competing facilities had already gone digital,” Kolb says.

Also, the technology was strongly validated by the Digital Mammographic Imaging Screening Trial (DMIST) study. Findings from this landmark study published in 2005 indicated that digital mammography more accurately detects breast cancer than film mammography in significant subsets of the screening population. CR mammography was one of four digital mammography technologies used in the trial, and Fuji’s FCRm—the second most-used—produced 30% of its studies.

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