The Assure Access To Mammography Act

Rep. Weiner of New York has identified that mammography clinics in his state (and nationwide) are closing partly due to the fact that costs of conducting mammograms are rising while reimbursement is not following suit.  He is introducing legislation to address this issue.  If you find information about this that we have not posted on this page, please let us know.

Imaging Medical Solutions Opinion: Many of us feel that it is not often that a politician will actually take into account what his/her constituents are going through.  Luckily for the citizens of New York (as well as the rest of the country), Rep. Weiner has taken a long hard look at what the consequences are of not implementing a minimum reimbursement for mammography studies and has decided to act in a direction that will help address the issue.

If you would like to contact congress to support this bill go to: "Write Your Representative"

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