Patients: Educate Yourself

There are many factors involved in choosing the right facility to have an imaging (radiological) exam done.

First off, keep in mind that there is indeed a choice, you don't have to go to the facility that your doctor sends you to.  To illustrate this point, let me use this anecdote:

I don't know a thing about high-fidelity music players.  So I ask one of my well-versed friends about the subject and he insists that I should go to Sound Advice to buy my system.  When I get there, sure enough, they have top-of-the-line equipment, but the place feels like a meat market for sound systems.  So I walk out of the store and head to the Bose store and then unto Bang and Olufssen.  Both provide me with as good or better systems than what I found in the store my "expert" friend sent me to, but I get much better customer service and feeling about the quality and reliability of the products.

I'm sure you and your friends/family can relate to this story or similar ones (think about the experience at a Pontiac shop versus a Lexus shop).

So why is it that we blindly go to the Imaging Center or Urgent Care Center or Hospital that our doctor sends us to without first doing our own analysis?  Usually because by the time we really need one of these places we are already in a position where we don't have much time to do this analysis.

Well, we here at IMS are trying to change that, we do believe you have a choice and we are going to point out some of the key items you should be looking at when making that choice:

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