Our Products

Imaging Medical Solutions' has made a conscious effort to partner only with the best companies:

Fujifilm Digital X-Ray

Fujifilm Medical Systems

Imaging Medical Solutions is an exclusive Fuji distributor.  In addition, our service engineers are factory-trained which makes us the only provider - asides from Fuji itself - able to service these systems.

Fujifilm is the inventor and remains as the leader of digital x-ray. Fuji CR (FCR) offers the broadest product line to suit the requirements of nearly every imaging application.  No one knows more about transitioning both large and small facilities to digital.  Our Fuji CR product lineup includes:

Fujifilm Digital Mammography Systems

Advanced high resolution imaging system for mammography developed with Fujifilm's own innovative technology

Years of dedication to women's health have led Fujifilm to create film and intensifying screen technologies of unparalleled image quality. That same commitment extends to our digital mammography systems. Already the most popular in the world, this extraordinary diagnostic tool, Fuji Computed Radiography for Mammography is available.

Planmed Mammography Systems

Planmed Mammography Systems

Planmed develops, manufactures and markets advanced imaging equipment and accessories for breast cancer screenings and diagnostics. Planmed's extensive product range covers digital and analog mammography units, mobile mammography units, stereotactic biopsy devices and breast positioning systems for an early detection of breast cancer.

Digital Solutions

Technology Aided Diagnosis (T.A.D) is a digital solution that brings technology of the future into the present. Because of the constant improvement in computer power and performance we now have a well-located and well-organized way of manipulating information, images and graphic on any off-the-shelf workstation.  However, we are also on the verge of a dramatic change in the way that images are archived, retrieved, displayed and manipulated. These new possibilities will certainly change the way physicians use workstations.  This is where T.A.D. comes in.

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