Digital Solutions

Technology Aided Diagnosis (T.A.D) is a digital solution that brings technology of the future into the present. Because of the constant improvement in computer power and performance we now have a well-located and well-organized way of manipulating information, images and graphic on any off-the-shelf workstation.  However, we are also on the verge of a dramatic change in the way that images are archived, retrieved, displayed and manipulated. These new possibilities will certainly change the way physicians use workstations.  This is where T.A.D. comes in.

T.A.D., more than a specific technology, is a completely revolutionary solution that helps the physicians increase their consults without leaving their location, giving the possibility to see more patients and easily review patients records from the office. This new digital tool allows sophisticated image enhancement and computer assisted diagnosis, breaking the physical and time barrier for information exchange.

This new modality, more than a cost benefit solution, is the answer to many of the specialists’ current challenges.

T.A.D will eliminate technology barriers and accomplish the goal of providing a more efficient service, cover multiple locations, and provide around the clock coverage with a high-level technological tool and expertise.

The most important challenge addressed by T.A.D is to provide added value to the diagnostic center while serving the ultimate purpose:

Improving patient care.

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