The ClearView-1m is designed for lower-volume environments or for in-room installations where high throughput is needed. Yet it still delivers images with the same exceptional high quality as the ClearView-CSm, thanks to Fuji's advanced imaging techniques and 50-micron pixel sampling.

The ClearView-1m features:

High-speed CR

The ClearView-1m employs a single imaging plate (IP) cassette driver that's capable of reading standard x-ray IPs in sizes up to 14x17 inches, or images acquired on both 18 x 24cm and 24 x 30cm-sized high resolution HR-BD IPs. The ergonomically-designed single plate unit, together with Fuji's unique high-speed IP reading technology, will provide a throughput of up to 45 IPs per hour.

Multi-modality capability

Along with high resolution HR-BD IPs, the ClearView-1m also reads standard IPs for general radiographic procedures. This multi-modality feature makes the unit versatile because it's suitable for digital radiographic applications beyond those for mammography. It can be particularly valuable in an imaging center where a single CR reader can be used to produce high definition digital mammography and general radiographic digital images.

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