FCR Mobile

Why FCR Mobile?

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The size, flexibility and speed of Fujifilm CR (FCR) makes it ideally suited for mobile applications.

With more than 25 years of experience of  transitioning health care facilities of all  sizes to digital, FCR systems have proven  reliability and the durability to address the rigors of a mobile environment.  And because all of the advanced image processing tools that are offered in the hospital environment are also standard with FCR Mobile, the images present optimally with extraordinary quality.

FCR Mobile solutions offer providers comprehensive, compact systems that are designed to address the unique requirements of a mobile environment but with all the advantages of hospital- grade digital x-ray. The XC-2 and XL-2 are the smallest full-featured CR system in the world.

Image Intelligence

Only Fujifilm offers Image Intelligence — the culmination of over seventy years of image processing experience. These are just a few of the tools that help ensure your first image is the optimal image:

- Multi-objective Frequency Processing (MFP) simultaneously applies varying degrees of contrast and spatial frequency enhancement to different-sized structures within the same image. This improves the visibility of both dense and peripheral tissue.

- Dynamic Range Control (DRC) improves visibility of both dense and peripheral tissue, which is essential for seeing through the mediastinum on chest exams.

- Flexible Noise Control (FNC) extracts noise data and suppresses noise levels from images without losing sharpness and associated diagnostic information.

- Grid Pattern Removal (GPR) (optional) automatically detects grid patterns, then uses a two-dimensional technique to remove them. This prevents the appearance of a moiré pattern, which can occur when using a stationary grid.

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