Planmed Mammography Systems

Planmed develops, manufactures and markets advanced imaging equipment and accessories for breast cancer screenings and diagnostics. Planmed's extensive product range covers digital and analog mammography units, mobile mammography units, stereotactic biopsy devices and breast positioning systems for an early detection of breast cancer.

Sophie Classic

The Planmed Sophie Classic mammography unit provides a cost-effective solution for mammography through a simplified basic design and modular structure.

Sophie Classic MaxView

The Planmed Sophie Classic with MaxView Breast Positioning System matches you with the best breast position and compression solution possible.

The clinically proven MaxView system assists every mammography technologist to capture the maximum amount of breast tissue on the image. Maximizing the field of view results in finding more early breast cancers. With its advanced automated functions and extensive operational features the Planmed Sophie Classic with MaxView is an excellent unit for base line screening as well as for fully diagnostic procedures.

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